About eConsol

econsol.com is an innovative easy to use website designed specifically for Travel Professionals, where you can compare and book thousands of the most cost effective worldwide flights with over 120 global airlines.  Backed by our friendly, highly knowledgeable dedicated Specialist Agents Team based here in the UK, who are also experts in Group Travel, Round the World, multi-sector construction fares and Air-Passes. 

econsol is a division of the Emerald Global Group, who are proud to have served the UK Travel Trade for over 35 years. Book with confidence and peace of mind, we are fully IATA licenced with highly professional account management support so you may provide the best service to your customers.

ONLINE services include:
Highly competitive airfares
Airline offers, including exclusive air fares
24/7 online booking
Travel industry news
Airline news

We also offer OFFLINE services including:
Sporting Fares for Golfers, Divers and Skiers with increased baggage allowance
Group Bookings
Round the World Itineraries
VFR Fares
Eurostar bookings
Hotels, Holidays and Transfers

Register to gain access to our special fare offers. Alternatively email or call us at 020 7312 1730 to discuss how we can work together.