The New SWISS Boeing 777-300ER

Expect the best with the new SWISS Boeing 777-300ERs as it will set a new benchmark to the customers' inflight comfort and overall air travel experience. The totally-redesigned cabin interior of the new SWISS flagship will offer the highest level of comfort and aesthetics in all three seating classes. And thanks to its state-of-the-art engines, the new twinjet will also deliver sizeable savings in both fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

All nine of the new SWISS Boeing 777-300ERs will also offer wireless internet connectivity, provided via a broadband connection. The new internet access will enable guests to surf and send emails on their laptop, tablet or smartphone device.

Swiss Air crew and cabin

Product Overview

SWISS First – Discover a new world before you even get there

Enjoy the highest possible level of comfort. As a First Class passenger you can take off relaxed, travel in comfort and land feeling refreshed. You’ll find Swiss hospitality before your departure, during your flight and on arrival. Be our guest.

Swiss First Class SWISS First Class Lounge - Experience SWISS First before taking-off. Enjoy comfort, peace and relaxation far from the bustle of the airport. In our First Class lounges you will find everything you need including a shuttle service to the gate at Zurich or Geneva Airport.

SWISS First Class Seat - Your personal First Class compartment can be adapted entirely to your wishes – from the smoothly and continuously adjustable seat hardness to the horizontal bed above the clouds. SWISS First Class offers everything for truly relaxing hours in a mini suite above the clouds.

SWISS First Class Service - In SWISS First, you will dine as if you were in a gourmet restaurant. Choose your own menu and dine whenever you would like to. We offer a selection of several starters, main courses and desserts as well as exclusive wines, Champagne and freshly-brewed coffee. Our individual service is tailored exactly to your requirements so you can make full use of your time on board.

SWISS Business – A home above the clouds

When you land after a flight in SWISS Business, you'll be more relaxed than ever. Enjoy Swiss specialities on board, benefit from priority clearance through baggage handling at your destination and be among the first to board.

Swiss Business Class SWISS Business Class Lounge - Your waiting time will pass extra quickly as you enjoy the unique views of the fascinating world of the airport. Before your flight, treat yourself to a light meal or take the opportunity to work in peace, or relax in a comfortable atmosphere.

SWISS Business Class Seat - The SWISS Business seat is a spacious workplace that converts into a roomy 2-metre flat bed at the touch of a button. The seat’s integrated massage function will pamper you en route. The arrangement of the seats ensures maximum privacy and freedom of movement.

SWISS Business Class Service - Our service is individual and based entirely on your requirements. After a drink to welcome you on board, you can enjoy our award-winning cuisine as a light Quick Meal or in several courses, accompanied by fine wines. And if you should get hungry in between, we have a selection of snacks and ice creams to tempt you.

SWISS Economy – Just as you desire

In SWISS Economy Class you’ll find what you're expecting and maybe a little bit more. Our individual offers tailor your perfect trip. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our SWISS service and the selected products on board.

Swiss Economy Class SWISS Economy Seat - Regardless of the length of your flight in our Economy Class you sit comfortably. Even on a night flight the adjustable headrests ensure you have a good night's sleep.

SWISS Economy Service - In SWISS Economy, you are the centre of attention and have meal choices and more. All our drinks, including wine and spirits, are included in the service. Our commitment to quality means you can expect a consistent, high-grade product and service that makes every travel experience special.

SWISS Economy Entertainment - You can individually start any film, CD, series or game on your screen individually. Stop, pause, move forward or backward - whatever you like. Our on-board entertainment guarantees unlimited fun above the clouds.