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Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is Scandinavia's leading airline and offer flights to over 100 destinations worldwide. SAS have been awarded for the third year running the most punctual airline amongst Europe's major carriers since 2009*. On European and Intercontinental flights we offer a choice of three service classes: Business, Economy Extra and Economy. Always with SAS - No hidden fees, Free 23kg baggage, Free online check-in, Free seat reservation, EuroBonus points, Child discount

Scandinavian Airlines

SAS Company Profile

Scandinavian Airlines, SAS, was founded in August 1946 as a consortium of the national airlines of Denmark, Norway and Sweden and now has over 60 years aviation experience.

Over the years, SAS has established itself as an innovative, pioneering airline. In the 1960s, it became the first airline in the world to fly over the North Pole and in 1962 was awarded the Christopher Columbus Prize - often called the Nobel Prize of communication - in recognition of its pioneering transpolar flights. In 1952, SAS was the first airline in the world to introduce Tourist Class, a discounted ticket with certain conditions. The entire airline industry later followed suit.

With 25.4 million passengers a year SAS is one of the largest airlines in Europe. Each day, SAS operates more than 822 flights. SAS was founded in the spirit of international cooperation. This same spirit was applied in May 1997 when SAS founded Star Alliance together with Air Canada, Lufthansa, United Airlines and Thai Airways International, offering convenient connections throughout an integrated global traffic system.

SAS has always been at the forefront of technology and we’ve regularly been the first to develop and introduce new ideas. In 1957, SAS were the first airline to fly an around the world service and we didn’t stop there. We then went on the employ the first female pilot, offer in-flight entertainment, introduce sleeper seats, exercise programs and then in 2006 SAS were the first to introduce green landings. Scandinavian Airlines innovative spirit means it is has been at the forefront of the environment focus within the airline industry.

Product Profile

With SAS, what you see is what you get - no hidden charges. We'd rather offer you value, such as child discounts, free baggage and reservation of your seat for free. We offer you the convenience of checking in online or through your mobile phone, ensuring that your journey is hassle free. You also have the option of flying in one of three classes Economy, Economy Extra and Business Class giving you even more choice before you fly. We also provide you with the opportunity to join EuroBonus, our frequent flyer program, allowing you to gain points each time you fly a return journey with SAS.

Business Class

Scandinavian Airlines SAS offers one of Europe’s best business products, where you can enjoy Business class check-in, Fast Track** security and have an open invitation to relax in our state-of-the-art lounges. On board we keep the middle seat free to give you more personal space and plenty of room to enjoy a three-course gourmet meal.

Economy Extra Class

Scandinavian Airlines Economy Extra For those who want to save on the cost of travel, but not the comforts, Economy Extra is the perfect choice. With access to Business class check-in and Fast Track** security you can fly through the airport, sit back in a dedicated area on board and enjoy a two-course meal.

Economy Class

Scandinavian Airlines Economy Class Economy class offers online, mobile, self-service kiosks or airport desk check-in options, pre-allocation of seats and SMS flight status, all free of charge. On board, we give free tea and coffee and if you’ve an appetite for more, fresh sandwiches, light meals and beverages can be purchased from our CloudShop.


SAS has set its goal high as part of its 2008-2011 environment strategy: to be the world’s most environmentally conscious airline. The first step on this road to the vision of zero emissions, is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent by 2020 regardless of traffic growth.
In 2006, SAS was the world’s first airline to introduce green approaches which are also known as green landings. A green approach means that the pilot does not begin the flight until the flight path and landing clearance are given. You are therefore using the shortest possible flight path without holding in the air reducing fuel consumption, engine noise and providing a comfortable landing. By 2007 the European Union and US agreed to test green approaches and SAS was the only European Airline participating in this transatlantic project. Each green approach saves approximately 150kg of fuel per landing, equivalent to a reduction in CO2 emissions of just over 450kg.

We are also putting pressure on engine manufacturers to produce engines with less impact on the environment. As a result, the majority of our aircraft are equipped with engines with the best possible environmental performance. Not only that but since 2000, SAS Group have helped to support research into alternative fuels such as synthetic jet fuel made from biomass. Development is also focused on biological materials that are socially, ethically and environmentally sustainable and do not compete with food resources. All of this combined will help us achieve our 2020 target. More info

* Source: 2009, 2010 & 2011
** At selected airports only